Identify a current health policy issue based YOUR INTEREST. If appropriate to the topic and in light of the IOM Future of Nursing Report identify the role of the advanced practice nursing profession and implications of these roles for the new health care system.

Conduct a review of the literature to determine the history and current status of the policy issue. Present the prevailing debate including differing perspectives of the policy issue. Based on your review of the relevant research and perspectives, present YOUR position regarding the policy issue, including the rationale and data that informed your decision. 2. A description of the policy issue and your argument for or against the policy will be the specific focus of your paper. 3. Develop the paper designed to both inform and persuade the reader Criteria for Evaluation include: Policy Debate Paper -Describes policy issue clearly and thoroughly. Presents evidence regarding relevance and significance of the policy issue to nursing/health care. (20 points) -Presents prevailing positions regarding the (20 points) – policy issue and key stakeholders. -Describes personal position including rationale and data that informed decision. (20 points) -Implications for advanced nursing practice. (30 points) -Style and other aspects of paper consistent APA. (10 points)

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