Richard Bulliets book Islam: The View from the Edge /Monograph Paper Assignment

Book/Monograph Paper Assignment IAS 3413 (Iran and Islam to 1800) Directions: Write a paper of no less than 10 (ten) pages (approximately 2500 words) on the essay prompt below. Your papers should make specific references to the Bulliet book as well as ideas discussed in class. You should also use the other assigned readings from the course (books and online readings) in making your argument. Additional library research is also encouraged. All sources must be cited according to the Chicago/Turabian footnote formatting style as listed on the course syllabus. Essay Prompt: Richard Bulliets book Islam: The View from the Edge makes a very unconventional argument about the development of medieval Islamic and Iranian history. Rather than focus on the rise and fall of empires, Bulliet looks at the much more complex process of social, cultural, and religious change in Iran during the 9th-12th centuries. Discuss Bullietts argument. What specific social, cultural, and religious trends does he identify in the life of the urban centers of Iran during the medieval period? What does he argue regarding the role of the ulama in this process? How do these trends help to explain Islamic cultures permanence as part of the social fabric of Middle Eastern and Iranian history? What is the implication of this argumentaccording to Bullietfor understanding the post-medieval (modern) history of Iran and the region as a whole? What does this argument suggest regarding the relevance of deep historical knowledge for understanding the contemporary politics of the Middle East? Formatting and Citation Style: All written work completed outside of class must be typed, double spaced, stapled, use 12-point Times or Times New Roman font, consist of 1-inch margins on the left and right margins, and 1-inch margins on the top and bottom. All pages must be numbered. All written work must also use footnotes (not endnotes). All footnotes must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style/Turabian formatting style for citations. Bibliographies are not required for papers, but all sources must be cited in footnotes.

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