Identify and evaluate the kinds of evidence that the authors use to support their arguments. In other words, what kinds of data are they using to support their conclusions?

This is a wide open topic for a paper, i want to focus on neanderthals From the rubric:the assignment is to choose, read, and write a review of a scholarly, research-based journal article that covers a topic of interest to physical anthropologists.Paper Structure: The purpose of your paper is NOT to simply rewrite what is already stated. Instead, your paper should do the following:Introduce the article (this means state the title and the authors names at some point) you have selected and explain how and why it is relevant to the field of physical anthropology.
Identify the central or critical problem(s) or issue(s) addressed by the authors of the article.

Evaluate the authors conclusions (Are you convinced by their arguments?) AND describe the value of the article to the field of biological anthropology (Is this information important? Why? Or Why not?). In this section, give your opinion based on what has been presented to you in the article.
Note: For this assignment, do not use extensive quotes from authors. Write in your own words.
Paper Format:Papers will be typed, double-spaced, and pages will be numbered (do not use fonts greater than 12 point).
The text length of your paper will be a minimum of three pages.
Your paper will be accompanied by a copy of the article you chose. Please upload both your paper and the article you are reviewing

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