Identify three competencies from the list below. (5 points) You can color code your three choices.

2. For each competency that you have chosen, write three to five complete sentences, specifically explaining how you believe you have attained each competency in this course. Do not describe high school or other college classes. (15 points) 3. Write a one -paragraph evaluation of your overall attainment of the course competencies, including the three you have selected. Do not list the competencies. You can use bold to identify them in the list to accompany your paragraph. Your paragraph should focus on your overall attainment for the course (approximately 200 words). (15 points) 4. List at least two assignments that helped you attain the competencies and in one sentence, briefly explain how they helped you develop and expand your experience as an academic writer and researcher, notably, in argumentation. (10) 5. List at least two competencies that you need to continue to practice beyond this course and in a sentence, explain what resources you intend to use to sharpen your skills. (5)

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