Identify who was left out of the benefits of freedom and liberty after the War for Independence. (You must include all the groups referenced in the two chapters.)

b. Explain why these different groups are not receiving the same benefits from voting rights, religious liberty, and economic freedom. c. Request that the Constitutions writers consider extending these benefits to the excluded groups. 2.In at least 250 words, become James Madison and explain how checks and balances in the new Constitution will help control the power of the stronger national government. You must:
a. Explain the three branches of government and how we elect federal officials. b. Explain how the branches check each other and how voters exercise a check on government through voting. 3.In at least 250 words, become an Anti-federalists and explain why you refuse to support the new governing system established under the Constitution. You must
a. Explain why you oppose a more powerful national government. b. Explain why you are alarmed over a lack of bill of rights in the Constitution. 4.In at least 250 words, become Thomas Jefferson and explain your views of removing Native Americans from western lands to open more property ownership to white Americans.

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