The mental health impacts of racial discrimination in Indigenous community members aged 25 years and above working in health services in Melbourne

The final report will be in the form of a research proposal. This will include material you have developed throughout the semester (research question, literature review and pilot study). The proposal should include but is not limited to the following: background, research question, aims and objectives; significance and outcomes of the proposed research; study methods; details and reflection of the piloted research tool; proposed analyses, timeline, brief mention of ethical considerations and resources. A template will be available on the Moodle site. Study development (25 marks): Synopsis clearly outlines the proposed research and significance (2 marks) Background information referred to sufficient and appropriate material from relevant and credible sources and summarised concisely (3 marks) Significance of the research (2 marks) Clear description of the research question, aims and objectives (2 marks) Study methods (incl. study design, setting, ethics, recruitment, sampling, data collection, rigour, analysis, timeline, and resources needed) (13 marks) Proposed analyses are appropriate (1 mark) Research is feasible and appropriate to address the research question, aims and objectives (2 marks) Pilot process (5 marks): Description of the research tool pilot process (2 marks) Reflection on the strengths and limitations of the developed research tool (3 marks) Writing style (5 marks) Appropriate writing style, correct grammar and spelling (2 marks) Sufficient references with correct referencing (3 marks) Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed 1. Understand the principles of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research. 2. Locate the literature, critically review it and write a literature review. 3. Develop a research question, aims and hypotheses. 4. Discuss equipment and resource constraints, and how this relates to funding applications. 5. Address ethics issues, as required for ethics submissions. 6. Communicate research plans to peers / research community. 7. Discuss issues involved in the design of a structured survey. Construct an interview schedule, suitable for interviews / focus groups.

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