Immigrant Children Separation at the border – Anxiety and Mental Health

Instructions This assignment will be a 7-8 page double space paper, NOT including the title and reference page. You must use at least 8 peer reviewed articles. Students must create a research proposal regarding a research question of the students choosing. There should be four to five sections within the research proposal. 1. Introduction 2. Background and significance ( can be combined into the Introduction section) 3. Literature Review 4. Research Design and Methods 5. Preliminary Suppositions and Implications 6. Conclusions The paper must be adhere all standard set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. It should be clear concise throughout to include 12 pt. font and Times New Roman. Introduction section should include the research problem, topic study related to the problem, the method that will used to analyze the problem, and why this research is important or significant. 15% Background information includes more information about the research problem and a detailed explanation about the purpose of the study. Offer rationale for your proposal. Describe major issues or problems to be addressed. Provide definition of key terms if necessary. 15% Literature review section is the comparison and contrast of current research pertaining to your research proposal. Discuss current research from other researcher and methods of research used by others. State your interpretation of the finds and assess the areas you felt were missing. Use the five C method. (1. Cite, 2. Compare, 3. Contrast, 4. Critique, 5. Connect). 20% Research Design and Research Method must be well written and logical. You will explain how the research will be done as opposed to conducting the research. You will not conduct the research. You will describe the research method you intend to use for your proposal. 20% Preliminary Suppositions and Implications section should include how you believe the research will refine, revise, or extend knowledge in the subject area. Describe how the anticipate results will impact future scholarly research, theory, practice, forms of intervention OR policymaking. 10% Conclusion section will be a summary of the proposal reiterating the importance or significance of your proposal. A brief summary 5% Wrote in a clear and concise manner adhering to APA standard and included a minimum of 8 peer-reviewed articles. 15%

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