In other words you need to be able to discuss the deliberate creative choices you have made in creating your short-fiction and how these decisions relate to your understanding of narrative form and genre.

The Applied Project is a two-part assessment. In Part One (500 words) you will write creatively in a style and form that is based on your own understanding of the narrative form and one genre studied in the Short-Fiction Module.In Part Two (500 words) you will analyse your creative work in a scholarly way. Your analysis should consider what form and generic characteristics you have used in your writing and how they link to the literary concepts studied throughout the unit (with particular attention to the Short-Fiction Module in weeks 3-5).Aims/ObjectivesIn the applied project you will show your understanding of literary concepts by producing a creative piece of writing. Your work will be based on your interpretation of a particular narrative form and genre.The applied project also asks that you analyse your creative writing in a scholarly way. This means you will analytically explain the different aspects of narrative form and the generic conventions you have considered and eventually used in your creative writing piece.DetailsLength: 1000 words (500 for each part) 1,000 all together. Assessment RequirementsIn Part One of the assessment, you will produce a creative piece of writing (500 words) that focuses on one or more features of short-fiction such as character, point of view, setting or plot. Your creative writing will also be in the style of one genre studied during the Short-Fiction Module of the unit (weeks 10-12). This means you will need to consider the way character, language, plot or setting, as some examples, are typically represented within your chosen genre (Romance, Horror or Detective Fiction).In Part Two of the assessment, you will create a secondary text (500 words) that is a scholarly analysis and interpretation of your creative work. Your interpretation and analysis should include and be supported by literary concepts and terminology discussed throughout the unit, with particular attention to the Short-Fiction Module (weeks 3-5).You must submit the task through Turnitin on vUWS.Some Tips:Have fun: This task is designed so that you can put your own spin on the ideas studied throughout the unit. As long as you factor in the conventions of a particular genre and narrative form, you are free to create your own characters, plot, setting, or tone. Dont be scared by this freedom, have fun!Pay attention to your creative choices: While you are creatively writing, be conscious of what you are doing and why. If you choose to set your story in a castle or on a beach, during the day or night, think about why. What generic characteristics are you referencing? Don’t forget about form: Remember that you are writing an entire or part of a short story. This literary form as specific characteristics that you need to adhere to. Consider if your writing contains repetition or unnecessary phrases and sentences. The short story form is very disciplined and considered – your writing will need to be also.Differentiate between tone and language: In Part One you need to create your own narrative voice because you are creating a personal and creative piece of writing. In Part Two, you are producing a scholarly piece of writing so your language, tone and structure should be different from Part One.Marking CriteriaPart One (your creative writing piece) is worth 50% of your mark for the applied project. It will be assessed on the following criteria:Compliance with the features of the specified narrative form (_/20)Interpretation and application of the generic characteristics of your chosen genre (_/30)Part Two (your analysis and interpretation of your creative writing) is worth 50% of your mark for the applied project. It will be marked on the following criteria:Analysis of form (_/10)
Scholarly interpretation of generic characteristics (_/30)
Written Communication (_/10)

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