What might be causing the slow response time? Prepare a brief memo explaining system performance and workload measurement, using nontechnical language that New Century users can understand easily

You implemented the new system at New Century Wellness Group successfully, and the staff has
used the system for nearly four months. Overall, New Century is pleased with the improvements
in efficiency, office productivity, and patient satisfaction.
Some problems have surfaced, however. The office staff members call you almost daily to request
assistance and suggest changes in certain reports and forms. You try to be helpful, but now
you are busy with other clients. Actually, your contract with New Century required you to provide
support only during the first three months of operation, but you want to encourage them to begin
working on Phase Two of the computer upgrade project. Anita Davenport, New Centurys office
manager, reported that the system seems to slow down at certain times during the day, making it
difficult for the staff to keep up with its workload. Also, you are increasingly are concerned about
system security. A recent article in the local newspaper described an incident where a disgruntled
former employee was planning to break into a computer system and destroy or alter data.

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