It can be found in the materials on abolitionism for this unit.What is your reaction to this speech? What does it tell you about society or about Douglass?What ideals from the beginnings of the United States does Douglass invoke?

When have these ideals been used at other times in Americas past to fight injustice in America? Are there ways in which these same ideals are used to fight injustice today?If you are having trouble with any of the questions above, you can answer this one: Do you consider what Douglass says here patriotic or anti-American?DO PAGE 15 2 QUESTIONS
From American Spirit, chapter 14 A:1. What role did women have in the new industrial society? What did the women themselves most dislike about their work environment and lives as workers?2. Look at the Seneca Falls Manifesto on page 229 of American Spirit. Explain some problems that they mention that have still not been solved today.DO QUIZ PAGE 16

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