Please describe a closed system versus an open system. Compare and contrast these two types of systems. Give examples of each with your answer.

2. Define and differentiate between the terms philosophy, goal, objective, and functional objective as they pertain to organizational development. Provide examples of each in the modern health care organization. 3. Identify the management function of decision making at the top Administrative area in the health care organization. Identify and describe the participants in the decision making process. Please make sure you define the major responsibilities of each person in the process. 4. Managers must recognize that there are barriers to rational decision making and many times there are no perfect decisions. Please explain the various barriers that health care professional managers must face at times such as lack of pertinent information, etc. 5. Identify the principles involved in developing an organizational chart for the modern health care facility. Describe each in detail giving examples where possible. 6. Describe in detail the factors that contribute to employee stability and to employee turnover. Include with your answer those factors relating to clinical professionals as well as administrative type professionals. 7. Please explain the concept of Six Sigma strategies and describe its place in the health care management process. 8. Briefly describe the concept of benchmarking and its place in the management process. 9. Enumerate the detailed steps in the operating budget process of health care facilities. Be sure to include with your answer the dynamics of the budget approval process from the start at the departmental level to final approval by the governing board of the facility.

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