[Pokmon Go] is an absolute cultural phenomenon and has put the Nintendo brand back on the collective consciousness of the world Ben Sin, Forbes, July 13th, 2016

[Pokmon Go] is an absolute cultural phenomenon and has put the Nintendo brand back on the collective consciousness of the world Ben Sin, Forbes, July 13th, 2016 Drawing upon a range of scholarly concepts and theories; (i.) identify and critically analyse both the reasons for the success of the Pokmon Go phenomenon and the impact that it has had on the Nintendo brand in the summer of 2016; (ii.) discuss what brand managers outside of the videogames industry can learn from the phenomenon. Students are expected to engage in wider reading than what has been provided in-class and on Moodle. You may find there are very useful explanatory concepts (i.e. concepts that can help explain what you are trying to say) available in the broader literature. Start first with your allocated readings on Moodle and then consult the literature consulted in the reference sections of these papers. ? This is an academic report therefore emphasis must be placed on scholarly concepts. Conceptualise everything (i.e. label your observations using explanatory concepts, ground your comments and analyses in academic language and theory). Theory MUST feature heavily in your report. ? In addition to academic materials, a variety of sources of information must be used to assemble and support your essay. Students are encouraged to consult trade magazines, suitable media reports and business publications, and consult with official company sources i.e. website materials, promotional materials. ? Students should NOT under any circumstances contact any of the companies involved in the essay topic (e.g. Nintendo Co., Ltd., The Pokmon Company, Niantic, Inc.) nor should any form of primary research (e.g. distributing a questionnaire, conducting interviews, focus groups) be conducted. Failure to observe these caveats will result in zero marks being awarded for this assignment. ? Do NOT become overly burdened with the product (i.e. a mobile game), your analytical focus MUST be on the effects on the brand (i.e. strategic standing of Nintendo). Focus on the wider socio-cultural and commercial issues and the theoretical implications stemming from them rather than simply describing why a game was a successful. Failure to focus on the bigger picture will result in mediocre marks being awarded for this assignment. ? The assignment is designed to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the course material, your ability to apply it to a real-life brand strategy context and your capacity to explore independently to seek out and apply explanatory theory and concepts that deepen understanding of that context. ? Respect the wordcount. There is no room for waffle. Essays should be tight and insightful, well-referenced, accurate and well-edited. ? Usual referencing guidelines apply.

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