The effect on the play of Othello, that the main character is a black man who is set against the stereotypes about him.

Thesis Statement: Othellos character is giving esteemed status and virtue in spite of being a Moor, to set him against the common stigmas associated with black people during the age this play was conceived. This gives the play a voice that is intentionally set against racism. Othello is intentionally made to be a great man (despite his tragic downfall), to devalue racial importance in politics, leadership, love and loyalty. Instructions: Your final essay for this course should reflect your focused study of an aspect of one of Shakespeares tragedies we have read. You may decide the specific research question your paper addresses, based on your interests and desires, but the paper should be an analytical, thesis-driven, academic essay. The core of your work must include a strong close reading of your chosen play, while also incorporating work from primary and secondary sources (such as those included in the back of our course text).You should include research in developing the answer to your question. Do not allow secondary works to obscure your own point(s) and interests, but use existing research and writing to help position and support your own work and to augment your own analysis and arguments. Be careful that any sources you choose to use are accurate and reliable (not just unevaluated Googled sources).

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