Practicing the Sandwich Method ((MLA or APA)

Use what you have learned about claims and evidence and the “sandwich method” to complete this assignment. Using all the resources of this module, write a strong, detailed claim about the needs of a particular group of college students. Then, using Google Scholar find and cite (MLA or APA) one source that supports your claim in a significant way. Write one or two body paragraphs for the claim, using at least two pieces of evidence from your source. As you write, use the sandwich method to: introduce and give context to the evidence, paraphrase or quote the evidence, relate the evidence back to the overall claim, explaining its connection. Formatting Guidelines: Font should be 12 point Calibri, Times New Roman, or Arial Text should be single-spaced with 0 points before and after lines Margins should be set at one inch Name, Course, Instructor, and Assignment should appear in the top left corner. A title should be centered and bolded at the top of the paper.

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