Prepare a single Power Point slide which could later be printed as a poster for presentation at a professional conference or on display at a college campus.

This electronic poster must include the following elements: title, introduction, background/literature review, discussion, conclusion, and references (cite at least 5 references in addition to the Bible). If you decide to include data analysis, then there must be a section for the methodology/analysis and results. In your discussion section, explain how a biblical worldview informs your perspective on this topic. As you prepare the layout and design of this electronic poster, keep in mind some of the qualities of effective poster presentations. A Power Point poster template is provided. This assignment must reflect current APA style, which includes, but is not limited to, using one inch margins on all sides, 12-point Times New Roman font, consecutive page numbers in the upper right corner of the header, a title page, an abstract, and a reference page.

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