Write about the research design in this section. In particular, you need to discuss the ontology or epistemology, methodological framework(s), research method(s), research participants, data analysis, ethical issues and rigour of your proposed research in this section.

Assignment 2 is a qualitative research proposal in which you have to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in relation to qualitative research methodology. This assignment will assist you to develop and demonstrate your acquired skills. The research proposal for this unit adopts a common format that researchers use in the health and social sciences. Hence, it will equip you for writing a research proposal for your own qualitative research and in your professional roles. Task This proposal will put your investigation on a good path and ensure that your ideas are worthwhile, that you have good knowledge of your study area and that you are using appropriate methods to conduct your investigation. It reveals the importance of your study and shows that you have thought about your study in an in-depth and scholarly manner. At the end of a good proposal, the reader should be able to claim that your study is worthwhile, and that you have selected the correct research design and appropriate research methods. The proposal should be written as if you are submitting your proposal for external review and approval. Required content for Assignment 2: 1. Title: You need to provide the title of your proposal. The title should not be too long but sufficient to capture the essence of your proposal. 2. Background and rationale: Write about the importance and urgency of the proposed project. The emphasis here is typically on the situation and factors which prompt your proposed project. In particular, you need to discuss a gap in current knowledge that prompted you to propose the research. This is where you can refer to relevant previous research and then point to the gap what we do not know or what we need to know. 3. Research questions: List all research questions that you wish to find answers from your proposed research. 4. Research aims and objectives: State the general research aim as well as list all research objectives of your research. 5. Theoretical framework: Discuss a theory in which your research topic is based. First, you need to discuss the essence of the theory as it is originally developed. Then, you need to provide a statement on how this theory is used in your proposed research (the link between the theory and your topic of investigation). There can be more than one theory adopted in your research proposal. 6. Research design: You may use sub-headings within this main section. 7. Ethical issues: State some possible ethical issues that may arise and how you will manage these. 8. Timeline: Provide a plan and time that will require you to complete your qualitative research. This can be an estimation, and some parts of the project can happen while others are happening. It is good to make this up as a table. 9. Limitations: Discuss some limitations of your proposed research. This can be relevant to the issue you wish to investigate or the difficulty in recruiting research participants and so on. 10. References: List all references you cite in the research proposal. Use APA style for this. Ensure the format is consistent throughout. Try not to use more than 30 references in your proposal and use the up-to-date references unless they are theoretical/historical pieces.

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