read the original texts and the required secondary sources closely before developing your own thesis.

You should also refer to the Cambridge Illustrated History of China and Sources of Chinese Tradition for contextualization of ideas.At the beginning of your essay, you should articulate your own thesis in one paragraph: what you intend to say and achieve in the essay.
Topic #1: The Indigenization of Buddhism in China For this subject, you should write an intellectual history of how Buddhism came to China and underwent changes and variations to become fully Chinese.*PLEASE USE ALL OF THESE SOURCES:Required Readings: -Chapters 15-17 (pp.415-536) in Sources of Chinese Tradition -Arthur F. Wright, Buddhism in Chinese History (Posted on the Avenue) -On Time, from Seng-Zhaos Chao lun (posted Avenue) -The Dhammapada, Sources of early Buddhism (posted on the Avenue)

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