Who Has the Most Scripturally Correct Theory of Government?

The purpose of this paper is to provide a practical application of the material presented in this course by developing upon the concepts presented in the lectures. Your paper must demonstrate a mastery of the concepts presented in the lectures as well as include a presentation of fact-based material. Do not attempt to write this paper without carefully studying the related lectures.You will prepare your Research Paper on the topic Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau: Choose 1 of the 3 philosophers, and then compare and contrast all 3 philosophers on such topics as: human nature, natural law, human law, origin of government, purpose of government, civil disobedience, right of revolution, and government and religion.In your Research Paper, explain both why you selected your author and why you did not choose the other authors. If you believe 1 author was more scriptural in certain aspects but another author was closer to Scripture in a different area, explain your position.The important point is not which philosopher you choose but how well you explain and defend your choice. Be specific by citing the individual points with which you agree and explaining why they are scriptural. You must use the textbooks and Scripture as references for this assignment. You may cite additional sources if you wish, but the majority of the references must be from the textbooks and Scripture.Specific requirements for the Research Paper are:
The body of the paper must be at least 10 pages (including the title page and bibliography).
The paper must be written in current Turabian format.
The paper must include a title page. This page must have a title, your name, course number, and the instructors name.
The second page of the paper must be an outline of the contents of the paper.
When giving in-text citations, include not only the author but also the page number. Page numbers must be included.
Proper headings must be used.
The paper must have correct grammar and spelling.

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