Respond to Joanne Gordons statements. How does Disgraced reflect a reality that is going on in this country?

Regarding Disgraced she states:
Its a play that asks people to examine their attitudes to their own ethnicity and to other peoples, and to how far theyll push their sense of humanitarianism when they feel threatened – in terms of what the playwright calls their animal self, that primitive self that identifies with a particular group. [Though one wants to be open and liberal – subtle distinctions are made [as with the Character of Amir being from Pakistan, but in order to get ahead, pretends he is from India] … those subtle distinctions and where that lands us as society and what the implications are is what the play is about.
Dr. Joanne Gordon has been noted to say, There is a distinction between art and entertainment. Art is political. Art should reflect a reality that is going on in the country in which its performed.
Be specific. Have you a personal experience or intimate understanding that illuminates this? include.
Support with specific references (p. numbers) from the play and from news sources.
[Write a minimum 400 word response]

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