select and analyze two (2) current (2017 -2018) newspaper articles from either a) the NYTimes, b) The Wall Street Journal, c) The Philadelphia Inquirer,

Working independently, your essay should be no less than four (4) double-spaced pages, using Arial font, size #12. You will write your reflection using the persuasive argumentative mode of writing. You may also employ the explanatory, narrative, or descriptive modes either singularly or in combination in the body of your essay. As well, you should have a point of view; you must have a clear, concise, and defined thesis statement written in the first or second paragraph of your essay. You should provide a thesis statement and at least 3 examples of supporting evidence in the introductory paragraph, or in the second paragraph. Your conclusion should paraphrase and expand upon your opening. Moreover, your essay should include logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion as well as within body paragraphs that include evidential support. In-text citations must accompany your supporting evidence. Marx’s ideas have come to constitute a method for understanding society. Rather than a definitive explanation, his ideas orient us to a particular manner for investigating social reality. Marx linked economics with politics emphasizing the interrelationships between political and economic institutions and how they operate to maintain the class system. Finally, Marx illuminated the way in which the dominant social class’s ideas and values come to be accepted as natural by all members of society. He emphasized as well that these ruling ideas served to maintain and perpetuate social inequality by legitimating it through social beliefs. or d) The Washington Post supporting or opposing two (2) of the following positions: 1) the bourgeoisie controls the state, 2) the bourgeoisie controls the means and mode of production , and 3) the bourgeoisie controls our ideas and values that we think are our own.

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