select and gather information about a particular reading theory and theorists work/ideas that demonstrates that theory.

These Theories can be found in you Lenses text.
Students will design a multigenre/multimodal/multimedia presentation. It can take whatever format you choose). The presentation will highlight the significance of the theory and the theorists’ contributions to our current body of knowledge about reading/language acquisition and its relationship to literacy learning. This presentation must also incorporate a historical reading timeline as it relates to the chosen theorist/theory1. This presentation did identify a particular literacy theory and did cite extensive empirical research related to the theory.
2. This presentation did identify an exhaustive list of the major facets of the theory.
3. This presentation extensively described how the chosen theory relates to the cognitive, linguistic, motivational, and sociocultural foundations of reading and writing development
4. This presentation extensively described how the chosen theory is manifested into classroom practice, including word recognition, language comprehension, strategic knowledge, and reading-writing connections
5. This presentation demonstrated in the form of a timeline most the major historical developments in the history of the reading profession and reading and writing processes.

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