Select and research an adult prison in the United States.

Institutional Programs As you have learned, there are many types of programs offered in correctional facilities around the country. In one paragraph, based upon what you learned in the text, what are the general categories of programs offered to inmates in correctional facilities? Research SING SING CORRECTIONAL FACILITY IN NEW YORK. In one paragraph, describe one type of institutional program available to inmates at the prison you are researching. ( SING SING CORRECTIONAL FACILITY IN NEW YORK) Based upon what you learned about types of prison programs, what is the purpose/goal of the type of program you identified? For the program you identify, describe the rehabilitative model that program is based on (educational, vocational, therapeutic, etc.). In one paragraph, for the type of program you identified, discuss the correctional staff who would be working in those programs (counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, doctors, educators, etc.). In one paragraph, identify and discuss one advantage and one disadvantage to offering career education and one advantage and one disadvantage to offering vocational training in an institutional setting. In one paragraph, define and discuss the purpose of work release and pre-release institutional programs.Also discuss the purpose of post-release programs. In one paragraph, discuss any pre-release programs available at your facility. Does the facility you researched offer work release and/or pre-release programs? If so, describe at least one of these programs. If not, and based upon what you learned in this course, explain why you think the facility you researched does not offer these programs. Consider the type of inmate(s), budget restraints, and other factors in your response.

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