In what ways has the Arab Spring strengthened the move towards democracy?

In marking the essay, lecturers will consider: Answer the question clearly understanding the question, concepts and theories involved; research: recourse to an appropriate level of relevant source material; structure / planning: sensible, systematic, and logical communication of ideas and themes, with clear and purposeful Introduction, main section and conclusion; use of sources to build and sustain effective and consistent arguments; critical analysis: synthesis-analysis, evaluation of evidence, comparing and contrasting where appropriate; consistency: in quality of written work and arguments being made; identifying and, where possible, resolving problems; flow and signposting: sensible linking and explanatory passages to ensure understanding and readability; presentation / style: how well are blog posts presented? What are the findings? Does the work look good and read well? academic English: grasp of academic writing style and technique. A considered, impartial approach mirrored by an impartial and considered written style; referencing/ Bibliography: thorough and systematic, in accepted style.

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