To write a summary response for the attached file “Rebecca”.. Please refer to the guideline (uploaded file) and follow the format for a summary response accordingly.

please use the more sophiscated way of writing introduction) Summary-Response A good response is persuasive. Everything should be in present tense. It cites facts, examples, and personal experience that support the claim that author is making. I have attached an example of someone else example to show u, but it must be completely different. Please follow this format closely: 1) The essary must have an introduction with a summary and a thesis statement. a) the summary must identify the original text (Rebecca) b) the summary must be 5-7 sentences long c) it must have a topic sentence with the main idea of the text (rebecca) 2) the response section must be longer than the summary section a) the response section should develop the thesis statement b) each paragraph of the response should have a topic sentence with the main idea of that paragraph c) each paragraph of the response should mention the original text (Rebecca) d) enough supporting evidence (Examples, facts, etc) should be presented to support the author’s claims. 3) there should be a concluding paragraph that restates the thesis.

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