Which policies would you forward to the Secretary, who will, in the best case, eventually endorse them and forward them on to the U.S. Congress for enabling legislation and the President for signature into law?

Table of Contents Module 8 Module 8 Discussion Module 8 Discussion Previous Next Please consider this following hypothetical in composing your response to this module’s discussion question. The Secretary of Interior has just appointed you to be the Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs. As such, you are charged with developing policies to address areas of social dysfunction in Native American society, like alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence. On the other hand, other policies are to be developed in an effort to promote economic development for both Urban Native Americans and those living on reservations. In considering which policies you would choose to forward for consideration, reflect on what you have learned in this course. Which policies were abject failures? Why did they fail? Were any federal policies a success? Which ones? Why? When you have decided on which policies to forward for consideration, please apply any, some, or all of Saint Leo’s core values to your product, explaining how the policies incorporate those core values. Finally, this is not to be as structured as past modules’ discussion posts. Have fun with this, and, hopefully, it will provide you with a platform for exhibiting the knowledge you have developed over the last eight weeks. Start a New Thread The book for this class is First Americans A History of Native Peoples Kenneth W. Townsend Mark A. Nicholas

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