Toyota has established production facilities in Europe to service European markets. Has Hyundai, Kia, or Honda followed the same strategy? WHY? If so, in which countries have they set up manufacturing, and are they the same ones where Toyota is manufacturing you are supposed to describe the static and dynamic impact of trade agreements on trade and investment flows when answering the question “WHY?”

Please read the “Toyotas European Drive ” case from chapter 8, and answer to the following questions. It is important for you to read the chapter carefully before attempting to answer the assignment. The learning from reading the text must be reflected in your answers.I would like to bring your attention to the need to reveal what theoretical concepts are important in this case and should establish a theoretical foundation for your answers / the basis for conducting research and analysis.Question 1Why did the Europeans try to protect their auto industry from Japanese imports, and do you think this was fair to European consumers? you should discuss the pros and cons of global, bilateral, and regional integration using European market and Japanese autos as an example.

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