In a brief response, please define what transmedia is and how it relates to the broader idea of multimedia communication. Furthermore, please note what differences transmedia content usually exhibit in contrast to traditional forms of media content. What advantages or disadvantages, if any, do you think comes with this format?

Please answer the following FOUR essay questions. Each response should be at least to one full page or so in length, double spaced. 2. Briefly describe Barthes notions of myth and ideology as aspects of the means through which storytelling has been historically constructed. Be sure to cite examples from the two Barthes excerpts you were assigned in week two. 3. There are seven basic, major components to narrative storytelling. List and briefly define all seven of those components and then choose one media example (film, book, tv episode, ad, etc.) that you will label and explain all the individual narrative components in it. 4. Why is narrative so important to the structure of branding and the functionality of advertising? What, historically, were the first two brands to use storytelling and narrative in a specific manner to sell their products? How do brands use narrative and storytelling structures to relate broader ideas of social/cultural/political issues? Why?

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