How does he focus more on character flaws, which in turn change the historical figure? Rather than fall in line with the ideas surrounding the overthrow of a king, Shakespeare focuses on the inner lives of the characters and their personal tragedies.

For this essay, you will do an analysis between the original, historical source for Shakespeares character of Macbeth and the character in the play. Look at the excerpts from the historical account (on Blackboard, under Course Documents) in Holinsheds Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from 1577. Focus on different ways that Shakespeare changed the original account in both characters and plot points. How does Shakespeares portrayal keep in order with the real character of Macbeth himself?
Using examples from the text, discuss these questions and analyze the differences between Shakespeares portrayal and Holinsheds. Why do you think he changes focus from history to personal lives? How would the play change if he had stayed with the original documented character of Macbeth?

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