What is it (speech, legal document, article, etc.)? Who is its author? When was it from? Why was it created?

You must use a minimum of at least 3 sources in addition to the document itself (its a full grade off for each source under 3). Remember to still cite the document within the paper and to properly list it in your works cited page as it is a source. You may NOT use ANY textbooks or encyclopedias! Using any encyclopedias,even just once for something minor, will result in a failing grade on the paper, no exception! Scholarly or academic books are great sources as are academic or scholarly websites. Academic databases are also great places to look for information but remember that databases may contain things, like encyclopedia entries, that you cant use. Its your responsibility to make sure anything you use from a database isnt prohibited.Your typed paper must be no less than 2 full pages in length, have a 1-inch margin all around, have a font type of Times New Roman and a font size of 12. Be prepared to answer questions about the document if called upon in class. Your answers will demonstrate your understanding of the material.At the top left of the first page, include your name, class, class code, the title of the document and its author(s) (if known). Skip one single spaced line and then start typing the rest of your paper. Make the heading single spaced, but make the rest of the paper double spaced.For this assignment, youll be reading and analyzing primary source documents. Being able to properly analyze a primary source document is one of the most important skills of a historian and a skill that can benefit non-historians as well.Your research paper must include all of the following (preferably in order):1) A thorough background of the primary source document and a brief bio of its author(s). What do you know/can you find out about the author(s) and his/her/their background(s)? Give a general overview about the individual(s) but discuss in detail areas of his/her/their background relating to the document.2) A summary of the document including an analysis of it. In your own words, what does it say? What are the major points/messages the author(s) was trying to get across? This section isnt just a summary. You
must also research major points and/or sections of the document in order to show that you understand it within its historical context. If you feel the need to include sections of the document, for anything longer than a line or two, paraphrase! Dont include quotes of the document longer than a line or two.3) A discussion of the significance of this primary source in order to show why the document is still relevant today. To do this, relate the themes and/or ideas in the primary source document to events of the past decade or two and/or current events. Within your discussion you may also discuss historical events from the time the document was written as long as you still discuss recent and/or current events as well. It must be clear from reading this section that you know why this particular document is important, relevant and significant today. While theres no required length for this section, it should be the longest section (or close to it) of your written paper. This section is worth 1 full grade plus one third of another grade.Remember, for this assignment youre writing formal research papers, not a bunch of short answers.Remember to cite any facts not commonly known, not just quotes!As a general rule, when in doubt, cite! Use in text citations, not footnotes or endnotes. Citations should be in MLA format. Keep quotes or quoted sections to no more than a line or two. Paraphrase whenever possible. Please avoid entertainment and/or television websites (including history.com) as well as any government websites as theyre not the best sources for a research paper. Remember, books are great sources!Do NOT use just one source for the majority of your paper. Thats not research, thats copying, even if cited correctly. While finding good sources takes time, the more sources you use, the better the paper is likely to be and the easier it should be to write the paper.You MUST include a works cited page which includes EVERY source that you cited in your paper (including the document itself).

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