Trauma example. If you are talking about trauma, the earliest trauma that Junior mentions is his plethora of health problems. How did these problems affect him, and why is it important? How did this shape his decisions and attitudes?

b. White/Indian example. If you are talking about the difference between whites and Indians, one of the earliest examples there has to do with schools. How did this school affect Junior, and why is it important? How did this shape his decisions and attitudes?
3. Body paragraph two. How do these themes affect Junior at the END of the story? You should have two examples of the theme from late in the novel (lets consider the second half of the book everything after 149). For each example, you should then explain HOW the theme affects Junior, and WHY that is important.
4. A conclusion. How has Junior changed throughout of the novel either by suffering and reacting to all these traumas, or by thinking about the differences between whites and Indians? What has he realized about himself, and about life?

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