What are Petry and Hurston saying about the married black female subjects seemingly precarious, compromised or trapped state in a racist, classist and sexist environment within and without her own home?

Papers must have a clear thesis statement and a strong argument throughout. It must be 1000 words minimum, and no more than 1500. Employ the Modern Language Association (MLA) guide 8th edition on in-text citation and provide a works cited page. There is no need for a title page for this paper. This paper requires you use at least four (4) of your consulted sources within the paper; that is, you must incorporate the direct words, paraphrase, summary from critics (articles/critical essays pertaining to your argument) works in the paper. The paper should also incorporate a minimum of 8 in-text citations, but not more than 15. This is a guide so that you dont allow critics/scholars ideas/voices to over power yours. The in-text citations should come from both the primary and secondary sources. Use only the Times New Romans font size 12 and double space throughout the body of the paper. A typed introductory paragraph with a strong thesis statement is due in class Wednesday, Oct. 3rd Any student who presents a paper that is partly or fully plagiarize and/or written by another individual will receive an F in the minimum. Feel free to ask questions for clarification on the above guidelines before the paper is due. If you dont ask questions, I will assume you understand everything. 1. In Ann Petrys Like a Winding Sheet, Petry carefully presents issues of racism, classism and sexism through her narration of a day in the life of Johnson, an African American man. In Zora Neale Hurstons Sweat, Hurston narrates the miserable life and toil of Delia and the hardships she is made to endure, not only because of her racial and class positioning, but also largely because of her husbands overpowering masculinity and cruel emotional and verbal treatment, hence sexism is at work. In an analytical paper, comparative or not, using the stories and pinpointing to various areas of their texts, explore and argue how these two women writers stories lend themselves to a black feminist criticism.

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