What do you suppose would happen to our muscles, including the ones involved in breathing, if a toxic dose entered your bloodstream.

Each answer should be a minimum of 200 wordsQuestion 1: By now everyone understands that, in a whole muscle there are fibers that are organized as a motor unit. This allows variations in how muscles contracts, the motor units in a muscle correlates with how precisely the nervous system must control a muscles activity. Muscle contractions maybe isotonic or isometric. Obviously not all muscle behave in this manner. Using the knowledge you have acquired through your own life experiences as well as by reading this chapter to explain the following:
Curare, a poison extracted from a South America shrub blocks the binding of Ach (acetylcholine) by muscle cell.

Could this poison also be used medicinally?Question 2:Sketch a diagram showing how the arterial system communicates with the venous system. Please be as detailed as possible. Include in your diagram the major organs that help with this “communication”, and label the diagram as well, Do not copy and paste, be creative as this will help you with your studies. You must create your own in order to receive credit. Ways to sketch the diagram:You may sketch a diagram using computer software.
You may want to use pencil and paper and either scan your image and then attach that file to this assignment .
You may take a quality picture and then attach the picture to this assignment. Question 3:Review the different theories of learning and explain which theory you feel is most related to how we learn.
Why is research on the biological basis of memory important?
what are some factors that can affect the biological basis of memory?

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