What do you want the learner to be able to do, explain, or demonstrate at the end of the training period?

Overview of the assignment that spans four separate papers: Whoever is hired will be expected to complete a total of four papers over the next few weeks.
As you complete the four assignments in this class you will be preparing, section by section, one large project. You will practice what you have learned by planning a training program from scratch following the ADDIE model. You are the instructional designer for the course; the actual course will be taught by one of your field supervisors.
Section 1Analysis and Design (1st Paper)
Section 2Development (2nd Paper)
Section 3Implementation (3rd Paper)
Section 4Evaluation (4th Paper)Having the prior sections all in one paper will show how the phases build upon each other and also will make the paper easier to write and review. Only the section due for a specific week will be graded in that module. The training topic is listed below and students will carry it through the five ADDIE steps, (The ADDIE steps are explained in the Gardner videos presented on each of the Modules Background pages):
Scenario: Skills for a successful online undergrad student. You will be the Instructional Designer writing an ADDIE plan to train admission supervisors who will train 5-8 students on a sporadic basis. These students have never taken a college course of any type and have little to no computer or writing skills.
Assignment: Follow the Analysis and the Design phases and sub-steps of the ADDIE model, step by step. Cover everything in detail. Be as specific as possible. If there is unknown information, make logical assumptions for information needed and include a section in your paper showing the assumptions you made. Bring in at least one source found outside of your course materials to help build your paper (be sure to cite sources).
Phase: Analysis
a. Instructional Goals: Clearly define what the training topic and parameters need to be.
b. Instructional Analysis: Provide all the steps learners need to follow to complete the task.
c. Learner Analysis: What do you know about the learners? Also, what do you still need to know about them? How will you find out?
d. Learning Objectives:
Phase: Design
a. Design assessments
b. Choose a course format
c. Create an instructional strategy
Once you have completed these first two phases of the ADDIE Model planning the training session, submit your paper.
Expectations: At least 2-full pages submission (not counting the cover page and the References page). Papers will be assessed on the criteria:
Meets assignment requirements
Critical thinking
Writing and assignment organization
Use of sources and mechanics
Timeliness of assignment

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