What is ‘relativism’ in his sense of the term? (Remember it’s not merely the claim that there are cultural differences with respect to beliefs or practices.)-

What is his main argument for relativism in this paper? (Hint: This is the ‘inference to the best explanation’ we discussed in class.)-Two objections to this argument: “Deny variation” and “Deny that variation matters”-Why does Prinz think that objectivist theories are inferior to relativism? (Here you need to remember his claim that an objectivist theory is reasonable only if it provides a good explanation of the source or basis of any supposedly objective moral values. And since he thinks no such explanation is possible, he rejects objectivist theories. For example, he thinks objective morality or moral truth can’t be based on God’s commands, or human nature, or reason…)Russell:-What are the three conditions on an adequate theory of truth, according to him? -Why does he think there could be no truth if there were no consciousness?-Two objections to the coherence theory of truth: (1) There could be more than one coherent system of beliefs, and (2) The idea of coherence depends on the idea of truth.-What is “correspondence” and why does Russell think that a correspondence theory best satisfies his three conditions on an adequate theory of truth? (Remember that we are not going to be concerned here with the details of his “multiple relation” theory of correspondence–this is just a specific version of correspondence, not essential to the general idea.)

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