What is the development activity being presented? Explain in detail (2.) Does this development activity directly affect women and men in the community?

The question will also be attached as document “Unit 5 Part 1 Assignment” later. Not other outside sources needed, all materials are attached or indicated. A sample for reference is also attached Please check Turnitin 1. After you watch one of the videos posted for this week, answer the following questions about that video. You should only answer these questions about one of the videos. (1.) (3.) How successful is this activity for the society? You must answer these questions with details and examples, which means you need to really read into the short videos and analyze the details, including the images. For example, whether and how the development activity affects woman and men directly in the community is not discussed explicitly in most of the videos. You need to analyze the narrative and the images shown to answer the question. 2. Read the article: International Labor Organization (n.d.). Impact of globalization. Retrieved from https://www.ilo.org/public/english/wcsdg/docs/rep2.pdf Answer the following question: According to this report (pp.33-34), “The emergence of global production systems that drove the increasing flows of FDI has created new opportunities for growth and industrialization in developing countries[Multinational enterprises, or MNEs] coordinate global supply chains which link firms across countries, including even local sub-contractors who work outside the formal factory system and outsource to home workers. The growth of these global production systems has been most pronounced in the high-tech industries (electronics, semi-conductors, etc.) and in labour-intensive consumer goods (textiles, garments and footwear).” In these industries, “the production of parts and components is carried out by subsidiaries of MNEs located in developing countries. Most of the research and development (R&D) and other technologically sophisticated functions are carried out in the industrialized countries.” Consider global production of high-tech products or consumer goods as an example of globalization. Discuss four possible impacts of the global production systems by drawing from examples or perspectives described in the ILO report. Please clearly identify whom (or what) are impacted, how they are impacted and the consequences of the impact.

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