Discuss your plan to identify and implement the type of coaching necessary for senior level executives

In this final assignment, we will build upon the Case Assignment scenario but address what we learned in modules 5 8. Remember that you are employed as an HR Manager responsible for training and development for a large company (an organization of your choice, e.g., retail, technology, etc.), which has recently acquired a new company about 1500 miles from the parent organization where you are based. The President of the organization approached you asked you to address issues of lack of skillets and competencies within employees, which led to severe performance issues in the organization. Consequently, you proposed a training plan and desired outcomes. Nevertheless, you also discovered more issues that needed addressing so you now need to write a report of what needs to be done further to ensure the success of the organization. For instance, you discovered the following: Senior level executives are lacking the competencies to supervise employees within their departments There are cultural and language barriers between the 3 companies and some supervisors are uncomfortable when addressing those outside their geographic location There is little or no documentation of previous training within departments across all 3 locations even though you were told that everyone is trained. You ask for evidence of training and receive a few word documents and spreadsheets, but some names are missing. Most importantly, you learn that some employees are threatening to file complaints outside the organization because they feel discriminated against for a variety of reasons, e.g., gender, age, cultural background, etc. For this case assignment, prepare an 8-10 page paper in which you addressing the aforementioned issues within the company. Incorporate the following concepts and terminology (see below): Coaching Training the Diverse Workforce Training Records & Information Systems Legal Considerations Some things to consider in your paper are: 2. Your plan to train and develop a diverse workforce individually and as a team within all 3 locations 3. Discuss your plan to maintain training records and propose an HR Information System (HRIS) 4. Describe the type of training and development you will mandate for the diverse workforce in your organization. In addition, discuss any plans to mitigate the risk of legal issues in the organization. 5. In responding to each of the above areas, always include when you plan to train, where you plan to train, and who will be trained. 6. After you conclusion, write 3-4 paragraphs about what you learned by writing this paper. Include a title page and reference page, but exclude table of contents. Page count does not include either the title page or the reference page. Use at least 8 references with at least 4 references from an academic journal article Other Useful Tips: Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman.

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