What theories have been proposed for explaining the purposes of cave paintings from the Paleolithic period?

2. What New Kingdom rulers manipulated the style of representation in Ancient Egyptian art to support or reinforce political or religious authority? How was this accomplished?3. Rather than being a culture that owed its brilliance to just being Greek, what influence helped initiate the flowering development of Ancient Greek culture?
4. How did Roman emperors solidify their legitimacy to rule using art or architecture? Describe at least one example in your response. 5. How did Early Christian leaders use Roman architectural forms to accommodate a large congregation?
6. What encouraged a significant part of the European population to travel on pilgrimage during the Romanesque period? How did architecture respond to this phenomenon?
7. For what political and spiritual purposes did Abbot Suger renovate St. Denis using what we know as the Gothic style of architecture? What characteristics make up the new style?
8. What did humanism value about works of ancient writers and artists? How did this impact cultural works in Italy during the 1200s and 1300s?

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