What were the main problems in the economy when you started? How well did you resolve those problems in each result? What problems remain in each result? Why did those new problems occur (explain using economic theory)?

Assignment 3, Fall 2018Go to following website to play the Macro Policy Simulation. You may work in teams of two if you like, turning in the same final printouts (with your own name on it). However, the answers to the questions below should be completed individually. http://www-01.glendale.edu/mmaier/macropolicy/
Choose Fiscal Policy Only and the Depression scenario. (For assignment 4 you will be able to experiment with the other options).First run the simulation to make certain you know how to make decisions and how to see the results of your decisions.Then, run the simulation again (probably several times). Print out two of the results. You will use them to compare with one another in your assignment.
2. For the first and second year in each simulation, describe your thought process in choosing each of the fiscal policy numbers. If you changed your numbers, explain why you did so. If some numbers are larger than others, or some positive and some negative, explain why. If you left a policy at zero, explain why.3. Then choose another year in each simulation in which your fiscal policies were different from the policies described in question 2. Explain each of the fiscal policy choices in this year.

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