Would you agree with parts of what came before and offer corrections for some inaccuracies in the argument as it existed before you entered the conversation?

For the final essay of this course, we turn our attention to research writing. To truly prove your readiness for the future, you must possess the ability to enter an argumentative conversation and strike a unique position within the existing argument while acknowledging the sources that came before you.Imagine for a moment you are presented with a five to seven minute window of time to present a compelling argument over one important social issue. What issue would you choose? What position would you argue? Would you agree with what came before? Would you disagree with what came before? Dont answer just yet. You first need to spend some time discovering your topic, your focus, so you need to take some time considering your options for this paper.To prepare, you are to select a social issue that is of interest to you. Then, you are to research the subject and see how it is handled by no fewer than five sources. Print these five sources and annotate the document (mark up the arguments they are making, your thoughts on their overall ideas/opinions, and your thoughts over the various types of evidence they use to prove their point).
Then, you will review a sample synthesis paper. The paper is related to this project in it promotes a thesis and argues its points using research. Pay close attention to how the sources don’t always agree with my argument, yet I still use them because they fuel interesting conversations through disagreement/correction.After you have reviewed the sample paper and finished annotating your sources, you will begin work on your paper by crafting a solid introduction with a well-developed thesis at the end. Then, you will begin work on the body paragraphs.Your paper must be a minimum of 6-8 pages in length and include 2 secondary sources.

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