write a report about the below (make sure to answer and elaborate in the questions and points as shown):1- Article title: effect of early ROM exercises program on early admitted patients with stroke condition.

2- Problem statement: patients who admitted to ICU as critically ill adult patients whose age between (50-70) yrs old, common complaints of many consequences due to longtime bed ridden, resulting in fatigue, weakness, poor functional status and muscle dysfunction.3- As in this research, we aim by doing early exercises intervention, to improve muscle ROM (Range of Motion), muscle power, joint flexibility, activity function and perception of pain.4- Please elaborate more on what is ROM.5- Research question (Answer using PIOC Format): is early ROM exercises program enhance short-term functional recovery for critically ill adult patients (in same age range.6- Variable (dependent and independent):
Independent variable: Age- Gender.
Dependent variable: improve muscle ROM and strength, joint flexibility, activity function and perception of pain.7- Hypothesis:
Alternative H: There is a significant effect of an early exercise program on patient functional status, muscle ROM &strength and pain,8- Null H: There is no significant effect of early exercises program on patients functional status, muscle ROM & strength and pain.

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