– Who were some of the influential people to encourage and nurture your writing and reading experiences?-

Read the “Writing Guide” section and write a short 1-page reflection on how your reading and writing experiences have shaped you and upload it here. For a model of a Literacy Narrative, see pp. 32-33. It will “loosen you up” and get that “Editorial Boardroom in the Head” to sit back and have some coffee and donuts while your creative side goes about its business. After that, you can begin writing a more formal essay. To generate some ideas ask yourself these questions:– How did you respond to these experiences and what challenges, if any, did you confront?– What significant academic or professional experiences have you had with reading or writing?– What were your childhood experiences of reading and writing?Form: After you’ve given some of these ideas some thoughts and explored them, where would you like to start telling the story? You don’t just have to structure it in a linear way. You might even want to focus on one particular event and/or person and build the essay around that

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