Write down your analysis; make sure to include the following:1. What did you see that represented emotional development? (Feelings, engagement, sense of pride.) (S1a)

You will be conducting a narrative observation of an individual child in a situation that is not teacher directed. Children should be engaged in free play inside the classroom; not in the playground. (Use initials or a fictitious first name to protect childs confidentiality) This is a detailed writing account of behavior recorded in a sequential manner as it happens. The observer is supposed to sit or stands apart from the child, writing down all behaviors that occur(s) within a 15 minute period. Read it to make sure you have written an objective observation of events. There are 8 questions you must answer apart from the narrative observation. The questions must be answered in paragraph form.
2. What did you see that represented social development? (association with others.) (S1a)3. What did you see that represented physical development? (balance, movement, gross and fine motor.) (S1a)4. What did you see that represented cognitive development? (exploration, discovery, problem solving, curiosity.)
5. What are the benefits of this type of observation? (S3a)6. How could you use this information to plan to meet the individual needs of this particular child? (S1a, S3c)7. How you would share the information gathered with the family and other professionals? (S3d)8. How you will incorporate the use of child observations as you develop professionally? (S3b, S3d)

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