Seminar Paper

Selecting a Case Study:Your discussion of the class topic (phenomenology, social practice, urbanism, etc.) will be focused on a specific case study. The case study or built project will be used to analyze your topic and to provide in-depth context based in the real world. Your case study should be a work of contemporary architecture (built after 2000). It can be located anywhere. Submission Guidelines:Your seminar presentation requires the submission of a visual presentation of your case study (powerpoint, keynote, pdf). This analysis should include a profile of the case study and should relate it to the weekly/theme or topic. Your presentation will be made on your own laptop to your seminar group. You will upload it to Canvas on the day of your presentation.Your presentation should include the following components:Images and background on your chosen case study
It should make reference to at least one of the week’s assigned readings
2-3 discussion questions based on the topic/weekly theme. They may reference the weekly readings and/or your chosen case study. They should be written to encourage engagement from other members of your Seminar Group.
proper citations and references and a complete works cited listAlso you will submit a 4 to 5-page critical response (1000-1250 words) to the seminar discussion. Papers will make use of the readings and insights brought forward during the seminar, and apply their perspective on these issues to the case study or built project discussed in the seminar. The paper will provide tangible evidence of the leaders research and preparation for the seminar, as well as their ability to reflect on and subsequently bring together contributions from other participants in the seminar. Things to Keep in Mind:The paper is thesis-driven and should present a focused argument that considers a case study of contemporary architecture (after 2000)
The paper must include a bibliography and appropriately cite all sources (MLA style preferred)
The paper should reflect on the topic/assigned readings presented in the seminar as well as additional research/analysis of the case study
Submission:Papers are to be submitted on Canvas on the Tuesday of the week following your presentation. For example if you presented in Week 8, your paper is due on the Tuesday of Week 9.

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